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Kiosk Management System and Software Development

We offer a ready-to-deploy Kiosk Management System (KMS) which enable user to remotely monitor and manage kiosks across multiple locations.


KMS platform can be scaled both horizontally or vertically to support up to few thousand of mission critical devices with High Availability and Disaster Recovery implementation.

A high degree of real-time visibility coupled with automation is so important, especially when it comes to scaling a business. When you’re going from 100 machines to 500, most device management solutions will provide you with an acceptable level of visibility to run your operations. However, it’s entirely different when you are taking thousands and even tens of thousands of self-service kiosks and vending machines to market.



Wide range of features allow support staff to effectively manage and control kiosk remotely. Our KMS platform also support various type of peripherals and hardware components.

To facilitate the effort toward that goal, KMS provides a dynamic framework in which you can provide configuration-specific resources accordingly.


Our system is designed and built based on industry-standard best pratices. All communications are encrypted to safeguard user privacy and security.

A good security solution should keep the delay on your operational processes to a minimum; and preferably not delay at all! Also, a good security solution always exists out of carefully balanced organizational, structural and electronic elements. Before we start conceptualizing your security solution, we listen closely to your wishes and requirements and delve into your risks and processes.



KMS is our in-house developed platform which can be fully customized and integrated into your customer backend system effortlessly.

No systems are made to solve all the needs for everyone out-of-the-box. Understanding customer's requirements is fundamental in order to avoid heavy customization which may generate not only costs during development, but also extended support costs and future cost increase for upgrades and development of your business. It is equally important to know when and how customization is a good option to fill the gap. Our friendly engineer will provide professional advices to assist our clients to achieve their goal.


KMS platform can seamlessly support the following functions:

  • Kiosk Group Management
  • Downtime & Uptime Reports
  • Kiosk Event Logs Report
  • Alerts
  • Content Management
  • Remote Control
  • User Access Control Management
  • User Access Audit Trail Reports

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